These days, it seems like more and more people are turning to Botox to get rid of those fine lines and wrinkles or to even prevent those early signs of aging from appearing in the first place. Everything from squinting to smiling will show up on our faces, eventually. The good news is that Botox offers a simple and effective way to smooth away these dynamic lines and wrinkles to help you look refreshed and younger.

What Does Botox Improve?

Do you have worry, smile or laugh lines, crow’s feet, or forehead wrinkles? Do you think they are a nuisance? If so, what if we told you that there was a way to diminish these wrinkles and improve your skin? Botox targets these main problems by injecting a highly purified form of botulinum toxin into the muscles of the face, which stops the muscles from contracting and creating wrinkles (while also smoothing out those fine lines and wrinkles that you currently have).

If you have relatively mild-to-moderate wrinkles and lines, then Botox might just be what you’ve been looking for!

When Will I See Results?

Results appear rather quickly, with many people noticing visibly younger skin within two to four days. These results also last about four to six months. If you love your results and wish they would last longer, many of our patients come in a couple of times a year to refresh their look with smaller doses of Botox.

What Is The Procedure Like?

Getting Botox is fairly simple and straightforward. No need to worry about a drawn-out or complicated procedure. Botox is performed in our office every day and only takes about 10 minutes.

Since there is no anesthesia and the treatment is quick, the appointment won’t disrupt the rest of your day. There’s no need to have someone pick you up from our office and certainly no need to call off work (in fact, some patients go right back to work immediately after treatment). Minimal downtime means you can go on enjoying your day just as it was. Botox is really that simple.

If you are interested in getting Botox here in Maricopa, AZ, the expert team at Sonoran Wellness MediSpa can give you the amazing results you’re looking for. Call our office today at (520) 840-8533 to book your no-risk consultation.

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